Hello World – Now I’m a Blogger!

It will be a while before I’m famous for it….. but we all have to make a start.
Remember that old saying? Every journey starts with the first step! I think someone called Lao Tzu is remembered for the full quote about that.

I’m going to use American English, when I can remember, but seeing that this is Ancient York, and not New York, a few mismatches or discrepancies are going to slip in. Don’t all shout at once, this is my Blog and you have to let me do my own thing. What I want to show you is that you can do the same – that’s what having a personal Blog is all about really. This is my small window on the World but I know that sometimes writing a Blog can be like sitting under a magnifying glass and the small window can feel very exposing.

But folks (sorry, I hate it when I get emails starting with “Hey” so I’ll use “folks” till I get a better feel for this) I want to make it clear right from scratch that I am here to help anyone interested in reading what I write, to make my own mistakes, and to keep improving my readability and the value I spread before you…..
Whoa! This is getting too hypey, let’s just be sensible, those that are interested please continue the motion but those that aren’t, just feel free to read or not, it’s not mandatory.

If by chance you have stumbled on this page very soon after I’ve written it then you may want to come back anyway as I haven’t even completed the other necessary steps yet.
I still need an About Me Page, a Privacy and Terms of Use Page, a Contact Form and a few useful WordPress Plugins to enhance the appearance and useability of the site. if you are new to this then I’ll be explaining it in more detail as I carry on over the next few weeks.

Time is a bit pressing as my wife and I are coming up to our Golden Wedding in a couple of weeks time and she has a long list of tasks for me – good old Grandma Jean!!

Must go, 2 grandsons arrived needing attention – School Half Term!
Bye for now – John